About Us
PITC was founded on the basis of pure business passion. From the very start, we embedded a sense of pragmatism in the culture of the group. It is this pragmatism that has not only seen us through the most difficult of times but also allowed us to achieve greater success during times of economic growth.
Our guidelines for success

Our guidelines for success

  • Provides High Quality Materials from Reputed Manufactures
  • Prompt Delivery as per Customer Schedule
  • Quick Response to Customer Queries
  • Worldwide Sourcing Options
  • Keep in Pace with Latest Developments by Constantly Upgrading the Knowledge of Products.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Supply of quality product
  • Efficient product sizing and selection
  • Proper Technical Guidance


  • Promptness to provide the perfect solution
  • In time delivery to customers
  • Total commitment to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Complete awareness about party requirement.
As an accredited supplier providing high value in your supplying of industrial materials, we keep the promise you gave to our customers: - “Quality materials and appropriate solutions just in-time at an affordable price.”
Our values: Excellence, Transparency, Compassion, Honesty, Empowerment and Discipline are inculcated in every one of our employees.
One of PITC‟s greatest strengths is our ability to deliver materials to exact customer specifications. PITC possesses exposure and knowledge to focus on customers‟ individual needs – their specific applications and processing parameters. Additionally, we can meet customer demands for both small and large quantities - an asset that sets us apart from the competition. PITC is always interested in exploring new product lines. Therefore, whatever is not listed on our website, please advice and we will source it for you.
For us, the journey has been a long one but we see it as just the beginning of bigger things to come. Our next generation is now fully equipped to take the Group forward and to unimaginable heights.

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